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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the big story on "action news" is the 15-year-old freshman arrested for bringing a loaded weapon to fels high school. "action news" reporter bob brooks live at the school in the somerdale section of the city with what we know at this hour. bob. >> reporter: brian and sharrie, you just hate to see a 15-year-old making these kinds of decisions. now police right now trying to figure out why exactly he brought this gun here to school but so far we know the teen does not have a criminal history. also, police say he has no history of trouble here at school. it all happened as students were first arriving for school. officials say the scanners at fels high went off the student's bag was searched then find this gun. it was fully loaded. the 62ly school was immediately placed on lockdown. the police rushed in. a student said anyone who was inside was usher into one spot. >> we went auditorium.
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>> it was shocking. >> reporter: police say the gun was brought in by a 15-year-old student a freshman. >> it was in fact a .40 caliber smith and wesson with load. >> reporter:. >> he did admit to stealing it from the car. we are certainly bite fact that it was in his possession and his statement he stole the gun from the neighbor's car. >> reporter: it's policy students walk in through scanners every day. this leads detectives to think the student must have known the gun was in the bag. >> given they and scan every day and they scanned it repositioned the bag and saw it again presumably they would have done that yesterday, today the you before, the day before. i can only know for certain they took the gun in the bag today. >> reporter: now, this teen is going to face some serious charges. they include possession of a weapon on school property. he will also face charges for stealing this gun. now, at this point it's too early to tell how he'll be
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tried. if he's to be tried as an adult that's a decision that will be made by the d.a. reporting live at fels high, bob brooks channel6 "action news." >> brian thank you. just in here at 4 o'clock. one of bill cosby's daughters has passed away. less than an hour ago a spokesman confirmed 44-year-old ensa cosby died on friday from renal disease. now the condition gravely impairs kidney function. the spokesman andrew wyeth is asking people to keep the could be bee family in their prayers. bill cosby is set to be in a montgomery county courtroom next week ahead of his retrial on sexual assault. >> a killer remains at lamp after a deadly double shooting. two men were shot to death inside of a blue car on the 700 block of chain street. there are dozens of homes surrounding the crime scene but investigators have not been able to locate any witnesses. >> i was in there watching a movie. i heard two quick bangs. came out. nobody was out here but a car
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in the middle of the street with the headlights on. and when i looked outside nobody else was looking outside and i didn't thinking nothing of it much. >> police have not yet identified the victims or a possible suspect. they are now reaching out to neighbors with surveillance cameras in hopes of recovering helpful video. >> officials in massachusetts are hoping new composite sketches help someone recognize a murder victim who could be from philadelphia. the girl's body was found back in 2000 but these pictures were released today. a suspect arrested for killing her says the victim might have been involved in sex trafficking and that she said her name was lisa and she was from philadelphia. now, anyone with any information about this should contact massachusetts state police. >> time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> all right. we have been told that some nicer weather is on the way. >> we've been told and i would like to confirm. >> yes, confirm it. meteorologist adam joseph standing by outside with the confirmation. hi, adam. >> there is confirmation and we're moving in the right
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direction. at least we don't have rain today. yes, the clouds still dominating but starting to see a little bit of blue above as we look at the number right now in philadelphia, 51 degrees. 51 in richmond. 50 in detroit. no cold air to the west. in fact saint louis 60 degrees, 63 in nashville. this large high pressure right now working into the ohio and the tennessee valley. that high pressure is our friend. the high meaning happy as we're moving as you can see right on the edge of the clouds, the rain down to the south so everything sliding for some improvement in our direction. as we look at the temperatures for this evening, not a big fall in temperature. 48 degrees at 7 o'clock, turning clear as we get towards, nine, 10, 11 o'clock, temperatures then sliding to around 44 and 10 o'clock 43. at 11 o'clock with the overnight low sitting at 34 degrees. wall to wall sunshine. the sun will dominate tomorrow and for the next several days, temperatures will average close to 10 degrees above normal but then at the end of the week, we're watching a
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coastal storm. i'll let you know what that means for where you are coming up in that full accuweather forecast sharrie in just a little bit. >> all right. a few cheers here in the studio. >> good. >> adam thanks. >> yeah. >> philadelphia police believe the driver of this pickup truck stole $30,000 worth of power tools from a work van in east falls. they say the ford f-150 is silver with black air vents on the hood and after market fog lights on the front grille. the tools were stolen friday february 16th. they want anyone who recognizes this truck to give detectives a call. >> ♪ >> new at 4 o'clock today, a chance for freedom. slowly but surely inmates sentenced to life without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles are getting a second shot. it's all because of a supreme court ruling that is having a big impact right here in our area. "action news" reporter vernon odom live for us now in center city with one family's personal story on this. vernon. sharrie, good afternoon.
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for years philadelphia's had the highest number of teenagers minors those under the the age of 18 sentenced to life in prison without parole. now that number is steadily dropping because of u.s. supreme court rulings, a classic case played out here at the criminal justice center today. this is mark robbins at age 17 not long before he wound up in prison for life without parole. he and four others staged an armed robbery at this 12th street store. the owner was shot and killed. robinson was not the triggerman but he like the other four wound up getting sentences of life without parole. but the u.s. supreme court ruled two years ago that it is unconstitutional for mandatory life without parole sentences for minors. robinson is now 54. today he was brought to court for resentencing. >> the law is the law and so any juvenile convicted of murder or sentenced to a mandatory sentence of life without parole over precede --
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well, at any time has to be resentenced. >> reporter: over the years philadelphia has sentenced more teenagers lifeers to life in prison with no chance of parole than any other jurisdiction in the world. so far philadelphia courts have resentenced nearly 130 lifers robinson the latest. accomplices have already been released including the one who fired the deadly shots. >> he expressed his remorse and he's doing the best he can to look forward with hope now to the day that he's going to be reunited with his family. >> reporter: the judge today resentenced robinson to 35 years to life. it will be up to the state parole board to decide how much more time he'll have to serve. >> i'm just thankful to god that they -- he gave us one more chance to be a family. you know, to be able to hold -- that's my baby boy. to be able to put my arms
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around him means so much to me today. >> reporter: brian, robinson's mother did go on to express her remorse and her regrets to the victim's family for their decades of suffering without a woman who is a mother an wife. no date has been set so far for robinson's first date before the state parole board. i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news" at the criminal justice center in center city. >> yeah, a lot of suffering on every side of this thing vernon. thank you so much. four days after a major fire at a school bus garage in south whitehall township students went back to school. mechanics spent the weekend working overtime to make repairs to the buses so that they could be salvaged the fire forced the school to be shut down. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. >> time now for "action news"
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traffic report this monday. >> all right, matt pelman standing by with the first check this afternoon. how we looking matt. >> first afternoon commute of the work week, brian and sharrie, and we're starting with a big backup in barrington camden county. a crash along 295 southbound side just south of route 30, the white horse pike as you head towards the black horse pike, two lanes out of commission and it looks like at the moment they may have all southbound traffic halted here at the emergency crews arriving on the scene. you can see the fire truck there. police officers also just getting to this accident scene. so, coming south of 70, south of cherry hill, you don't want to be on 295 this afternoon. maybe use kings highway, use the new jersey turnpike southbound but 295 southbound is a mess and of course we'll keep you posted. in willingboro there's a downed pole that's blocking a lane along 130 southbound near bridgeboro south of the rancocas creek. we had a crash across the river here on the vine street expressway westbound side approaching the schuylkill. it's gone. still backed up here. the bigger delay though is on
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the eastbound side of the vine street expressway from the schuylkill out to 95. speaking of the schuylkill, this is the westbound side approaching the boulevard extension. have a crash here now pushed off to the side but still heavy delays coming out of town and on the eastbound side of 76, there was a crash approaching gulph mills now also off to the side but speeds like 12 miles per hour coming away from 202. let's grab the ipad check your ways home with the waze app. if you're coming off the schuylkill in south philadelphia along 26th street southbound, a long line of red traffic flow there because of a crash right by penrose avenue as you head towards the platt bridge. already a number of accidents. we'll keep tabs of them brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00 a busy day in washington as leaders discuss gun control. in florida a display of courage and hope as one of the students who survived the deadly school shooting thanks those who ran to her rescue. >> plus, going above and beyond to help a choking teenager. find out how emergency
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responders helped a mom who was 800 miles away thanks to social media. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> president donald trump and governors from states across the country spent the day addressing school shootings. the leaders hashed out different ways to prevent the tragedy in parkland florida from ever happening again, everything from increasing school safety funding to tightening gun restrictions on those with mental health issues. washington governor directly questioned his call to arm teachers. the president says he doesn't want all teachers to carry guns, rather, a select skilled few. >> there has to be some form of major retaliation if that able to enter a school and if that happens, you're not going to have any problems anymore 'cause they're never going to the school. you're never going to have a problem. it will just be a very small group of people that are very gun adept. >> also in washington today, a
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group of democratic attorneys general from across the country gathered for a separate meeting on gun violence prevention. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro says while he respects and defends second amendment rights, he also feels there's a bigger issue at hand. >> i also respect the right of pennsylvanians to feel safe in their communities. to not get shot in their schools or shot on their street corners. and i fight to defend them each day as well. >> all of this as the president says he had lunch over the weekend with key leaders of the nra and says they "want to do something and that they are on our side" but the president also added that we have to "fight them once in awhile" saying he does believe thirst a need to boost background checks and raise the minimum age to purchase assault style weapons. a lot of conversations happening today in washington. >> yeah, and ongoing conversation. alicia thank you. a student who was shot several times in that florida massacre was released from the hospital today.
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17-year-old mattie will ford has undergone three surgeries so far and still has bullet fragments inside her. now, first responders say they thought she was dead when they entered stoneman douglas high school. she was pale, unresponsive and bleeding heavily from gunshots to her chest abdomen and arm. today mattie held back tears as she spoke publically for the first time. >> i'm so grateful to be here and it wouldn't be possible without those officers and first responders and these amazing doctors and especially all the love that everyone has sent. >> well, about those doctors, they say that given the extent of her injuries mattie is extremely lucky to walk away today and get this, she is expected to make a complete recovery. >> the supreme court today rejected a request from the trump administration. the justices have declined to take up the deferred action for childhood arrivals, that case -- also known as daca. now daca shields hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation.
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president trump set a deadline of march fifth to terminate the program leaving congress the task of finding a solution for the so-called dreamers. but today's announcement from the supreme court means the daca program will continue as various immigration cases move through the lower courts. time now for a look at today's closing numbers from wall street an rally on this monday. the dow closing up nearly 400 points today to close at 25,709. the nasdaq and s & p 500 also up to start the week. >> flood waters are still raging in the nation's heartland with the ohio river cresting today in kentucky and indiana. pumping stations are working in overdrive but this is what it looks like in several towns along the river. already local leaders believe there's nearly $3 million in damage at that time flood waters should recede over the next coming days as the area finally gets a break from all that rain. european vacation isn't looking so good for some people. a serious blast of winter
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heavy snow has hit rome. that beautiful city is not used to stuff like this. some flights are grounded. roads are blocked off. and at the vatican a crowd that chose to take it all in stride and had a snowball fight n london snow and the coldest february in years is making getting around rather difficult. >> well, quick thinking firefighters helped save a 16-year-old's life even though he was some 800 miles away from them. the call for help came from a mom who used facebook to message the fire department in what she thought was wayland michigan. she told them she didn't have access to a phone and was able to quickly give her address. the only problem, these emergency workers were in wayland, massachusetts. >> once we got the ambulance dispatched to her, we got back on, i got back on the messenger app and tried to communicate with her try to walk her through some instructions and give her prearrival instructions before the ambulance got there.
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>> we had to do what we could with what we had. seconds do count. >> it really worked out. >> of course while this story did work out, firefighters want to remind all of us that facebook is not the best way to contact them during an emergency. you should always use 911. >> yeah. i could see it happening though, people go to google right away and try to find out and boy there's a lot of towns with the same names. >> meteorologist adam joseph we kicking off the week still under clouds but you say sun is coming. >> breaking up. clouds are moving on out and the sun is going to dominate here for one day tomorrow. >> yeah. >> one day out of five. let's take a look at the weather center. this is to confirm that yes, the sun is returning first in the northern areas here, live in easton at the nurture nature center and you can see some of that blue sky you see the sunshine splashing off of the buildings there, so again get the sunglasses ready especially for tomorrow. right now it's warmer up towards the lehigh valley, 52 in allentown with that sunshine returning first. 51 in philadelphia, cooler
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down to the south by a degree or two. not a lot. but 49 in cape may. 50 in millville and 50 degrees in dover where those clouds are still dominating the sky. as we press forward, temperatures don't drop a whole lot overnight tonight. yes, were he go from the 50's, 40's, down into the 30's early tomorrow morning but we're staying above freezing in philadelphia and then temperatures will quickly warm with that sun late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. storm tracker6 live double scan, it is dry despite south of philadelphia it does look threatening with some of the darker clouds. maybe a couple of showers near sussex county and southern kent county in delaware but that is about it. and it's about time that we shut off the faucet 'cause it has been a rainy month. if you take a look at philadelphia, over 6-inches of rain which also includes the melted snowfall, it is the fifth wettest in philadelphia's history for the month of february. the second wettest in atlantic city, near six and a half inches and the fourth wettest for allentown wilmington and trenton, about five and a half
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inches of rain marking the sixth wettest february on record for you. satellite and radar, you can see that edge of the clout just coming in from the north and westampton. everything pushing away and beautiful setup late tonight and tomorrow. in fact the clouds will clear, 29 in allentown, mid 30's at the shore. this is a pretty sight. when you take a look hour by hour tomorrow with just sun and no clouds, wall to wall sunshine, get out for lunch tomorrow you can with temperatures going from the 30's to the 40's to the 50's pretty quickly. by 3 o'clock in the afternoon 56 degrees. we start with sun on wednesday morning, temps in the 30's and then high clouds quickly come in wednesday afternoon but it's dry with filtered sun and temperatures also in the mid-50's. your four day at 4:00 forecast, tomorrow temperatures topping off at 56 degrees with that sun. increasing high clouds on wednesday but dry of 58. clouds quickly taking over thursday, rain arrives in the
4:22 pm
afternoon thursday at 54 degrees and it's growing to set up for a coastal storm, windy and rainy on friday with temperatures of 45 degrees. we'll let you know if we can have a weekend without rain. we'll let you know coming up in the next half hour in the seven-day. >> but then that word coastal storm,. >> it's on friday. >> i can't handle it, i can't. >> all right. >> all right, adam thank you. more "action news" at 4:00 coming up right after this. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> it is one of the most popular games out there for tweens and teens and it has many parents wondering how to get the young gamers take a break. chad pradelli takes a look at the frenzy tonight at 11:00. >> it's the video game shattering records. sport night. >> get ready to fight. here they come. >> reporter: they've got a version of "the hunger games" and it has 45 million fans glued to their screens. >> she's always on the game and i can't get him off. >> reporter: why the game is so popular and should parents be worried.
4:26 pm
that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> a health insurance company is pledging significant funding to help fight the opioid epidemic. high mark delaware will give $325,000 in grants to four nonprofits that are working to battle drug addiction. the announcement came today in wilmington at the boys and girls club which is one of the organizations slated to receive the money. each of the groups will use the funding for drug treatment and prevention. >> a wheelchair basketball team in north philadelphia got tips and tricks from the pros. chris young and one of her harlem globetrotter teammates paid a surprise visit to the widener memorial school. the students learned the globetrotters' cool moves. the globetrotters play at temple's liacouras liacouras cer friday night and at the wells fargo center sunday. three local police officers are making us philly proud. "action news" viewer shared this video of sergeant gary sheehan and patrolman bernie davis and colin kelbaugh
4:27 pm
playing basketball with a little boy in berlin township. sharon powers jacob was driving home when she spot od the group right next to a church. she says the best part about this heartwarming scene was that it all started raining while they were out there and the officers stayed anyway playing with this boy out in the street just having a good time. >> high-fives all around. >> good stuff. >> good to see that. >> much more to come in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including pavement problems. >> this massive karat ling pothole we told you about last week was just fixed this afternoon and coming up we find out why it took so long to get the issue resolved.
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>> breaking news 53 have -- newe have been following a female officer an man were found dead in a port richmond home today. investigators have not revealed many details just yet but say both were found inside a home along the 2900 block of mercer street just after noon today. we're waiting to hear now if either death was suspicious. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is on the scene right now and she'll have the very latest in a live report at 5 o'clock. >> we are also learning more about a deadly wrong-way crash in chester county. police now say that 62-year-old melvin baskerville was driving the wrong way first along route 100 before getting on route 202. investigators say he drove the wrong way for roughly 5 miles before slamming into another
4:30 pm
car on route 202 yesterday morning. both baskerville and the other driver, 32-year-old monique pierre were killed. friends say pierre was a nurse and was coming home from an overnight shift at the time that of crash. police aren't sure why baskerville traveled down both roads the wrong way. the accident shut down the road in east whiteland township for more than seven hours. well, a gloucester county special needs teacher facing a number of serious charges in connection to a deadly hit-and-run crash over the weekend. this is 34-year-old nicholas jahn. police say he struck 44 weird jawana wilcox in washington township this early saturday morning. he was arrested later that day at his home. police say jahn who is a teacher at the durand academy in woodbury fell asleep at the wheel. >> pennsylvania state police are renewing their plea for information about a body found
4:31 pm
in ridley state park. a group of hikers discovered the remains of an unidentified woman in january 2016. investigators have used and facial reconstruction to determine what she might have looked like. they believe she was between 25 and 45 years old. she was also wearing distinct jewelry including an irish ring and a gold ring bearing the initial c. anyone with information is urged to contact state police or pennsylvania crime stoppers. >> now to "action news" update here. last night we showed you this video of a car after car slaming into a large pothole in the middle of a spring garden street. within the last hour, though, that that hole has been filled. but still some are asking what took so long? "action news" reporter john rawlins live for us now near the scene with hopefully some answers on this question today t hi, john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. let me first explain this was not a classic pothole this was a utility issue. take a look behind me. this was a utility cut across the road. apparently they were doing
4:32 pm
some sewer work here. now a contract filled it but it then subsided and became a significant depression causing a hazard to navigation. an unnerving grinding noise as cars scrape the depression. in the dark with no cones or flashing lights some drivers didn't see the problem until it was too late. >> that is a really dangerous pothole. it's huge. it's humongous and you need to slow down. >> reporter: plan to when we first arrived a small barricade marked the deepest part of the wide depression. drivers gingerly navigated the edges hoping the cars and drivers behind them slowed down. kareem williams who drives here often believes this issue has been festering for up to two months. >> it caused like so many accidents it's crazy. >> reporter: because people stop. >> yeah, they stop. >> reporter: somebody -- >> then people like try to swerve from hitting it. it's ridiculous. like it need to be fixed. >> reporter: and as if on
4:33 pm
cue, minutes later, a streets department crew arrived with cold patch asphalt and rakes and in about 10 minutes' time, it filled the troublesome void with a temporary patch. so, why did it take so long? first we should say all is well that ends well. they do have a temporary patch. why did it take so long? this was some sewer work to be done that should have been filled up were i was permanent patch at some point in time but given the bad weather we've had over the last several months that hasn't been done the city saying now this temporary patch will be replaced with a permanent patch sometime later this week. live at fifth and spring garden, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> too little too late for a lot of drivers. if you have a problem pothole in your neighborhood head to there you can find phone numbers and web links to report those road issues. >> i have a few thoughts about that one. >> yes. >> time to turn back to our forecast which we are hoping
4:34 pm
for some brightness at some point. >> yeah and maybe a few dry days. meteorologist adam joseph joining us in the weather center. at least we know of one. >> we have two full dry days and then more rain comes in at the end of the week so take advantage of tuesday and wednesday around here and temps not bad either. right now 52 in the lehigh valley with sunshine returning there already. 51 philadelphia, trenton, wilmington and 52 degrees at the atlantic city airport. there are no potholes on the slopes but there are holes as you take a look at sky6 live in spring mountain as we're starting to eat away at the snowy slopes there at spring mountain in montgomery county. a few folks out there still enjoying themselves enough snow right on the trail to get down the mountain but it's a sign that the season is pretty close to ending. as we look at philadelphia, 51 right now the air temperature, 56 in cincinnati. no signs of winter, no cold, all spring warmth east of the rockies and we'll talk about pretty warm temperatures as we
4:35 pm
push forward into that seven-day forecast but we do have that coastal storm to speak of at the end of the week, brian, in that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. >> okay. adam, thanks. >> yes. >> a brazen thief targeted a jewelry store in a popular philadelphia neighborhood and he wouldn't give up until he had exactly what he wanted. "action news" anchor rick williams now lie in the news room this afternoon with the details on this one. hi, rick. >> hey, brian, thank you. that's right, this burglary was pretty brazen but fortunately the store that was targeted had a very good surveillance camera and it was rolling at the time. take a look at this. authorities released the video of the crime this afternoon. it clearly shows the suspect but what's interesting here is that it looks like another person decided to jump in on the theft when he saw what was going on. we'll tell you where this happened coming up tonight at 5:00. also coming up, we have he disturbing news of a new study to pass along that every parent needs to hear involving kids who use cell phones and you'll be shocked about how often kids say they are sexting these days and that's not all.
4:36 pm
just some of the stories we're following for you when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. until then back to the studio. sharrie we'll see you later. >> see you at 5:00 rick. thanks. septa is trying to make it easier for you to get to the philadelphia flower show. transit authority is encouraging customers to buy a special pass. you can buy flower show tickets at a discount at all major septa sales offices and septa will have ambassadors on hand at jefferson station to send people in the right direction. >> these are our ambassadors in the red jackets. and we'll have 250 ambassadors deployed all throughout the flower so to make sure that we can answer all of your questions and help you with anything that you need. >> well, a team of people ready to help you. the flower show opens this saturday at the pennsylvania convention center. an indoor nautical oasis is coming to life in new jersey. the atlantic city boat show is
4:37 pm
setting up today at the convention center. 500 shiny boats are being moved to the main floor. you can see the new water car, a luxury vehicle that drives on land and on water plus yachts and there are also educational shows. the atlantic city boat show opens this wednesday. >> looking good. >> yeah. >> thoughts of summer. >> that's so true. >> still to come on "action news" at 4:00 nurseries may soon be a thing of the past. the reason hospitals are phasing out those rooms for newborns. >> carry catastrophe. a bag bursts into flames scrambling for any liquid they could find. we'll talk about what sparked this fire.
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who've have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. >> ♪ >> a mother and her three children have been rescued from a burning building in texas. video out of houston shows the moments when firefighters helped the family down from their second floor balcony. the woman passed her kids one by one over a railing before she also escaped. the fire started early this
4:40 pm
morning and quickly destroyed all 16 apartments. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. >> meanwhile a fire forced the evacuation of of a china southern airlines flight yesterday. you can see the flames shooting from a carry on bag in the overhead compartment. flight attendants and passengers rushed to put out the blaze dousing it with water and juice, whatever they could find. fortunately the plane was still on the ground at the time. officials say the fire was likely caused by a lithium ion battery in someone's portable charger. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and remember these newborn nurseries in hospitals, a place for new babies to get care while moms rest recover adjust. well, if you haven't seen one in awhile, that's because there's a growing trend now to close those nurseries in favor of what's called rooming in. it's called the baby friendly hospital initiative a program started by the breastfeeding industry to promote nursing and bonding. some local hospitals like pennsylvania hospital are
4:41 pm
already on board with it. the idea they say is for the babies to stay with mom in the hospital room 24/7 and if she needs help she rings for a nurse. well, dr. amy tudor an ob/gyn is pushing back on this with a new book an blog going viral from "time" magazine. she says rooming in can be unsafe with some moms taking narcotics for pain relief others recovering from c-sections which is a major surgery. some new moms also don't help from a partner in the hospital room. the hospitals on board are touting the new trend saying the bonding time is critical. well here's something that has people talking would you wear a headset if it promised to help you lose weight. it's a u shaped device and it did get enough crowdfunding to hit the market. people are talking about it. here's how it works. you stick it behind your ear and it sends signals to your brain to control fat storage metabolism and hunger. the creator claims if you wear it for an hour a day your body will be reprogrammed to lose
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its desire to store fat and for those of you wondering whether you have to exercise, they recommend that you sit still and you do not move while wearing it. they claim by sending these new signals to the brain people can loss about 15 pounds in two months. if you're into the idea, it costs $499 and it is set to ship in april. finally, drones all the rage and so high fashion, during. check out these hand bags walking, rather soaring across the catwalk at a fashion show in milan. cute, right? this is dolce and gabbana's secrets and diamonds fashion show in italy where the drones modeled the latest arm candy. people we're told turn off your personal why if is and hot spots and some of them got a little angry 'cause they sat there for about an hour before this thing took off. they didn't know what was going on but it's because the drones are being programmed and they needed all of the available wifi. there they go hand bags of all
4:43 pm
shapes sizes and colors taking their very own spotlight without a human model thank you very much and thank you to modern technology for that and, yes, each drone had a handler so we know no one in the crowd got knocked in the head and of course each handbag stayed in line. >> so jetsons like. >> models are now a thing of the past. >> at least for the hand bags. they had real people, too. >> pretty cool. >> for the clothes. >> alicia thank you. time for another check on the roads tonight. >> all right, matt here now with the update for us. hey, matt. >> hi guys. crews on on scene handling an accident. we'll drone about it like we did last hour. southbound lanes 295 just beyond route 30 the white horse pike still taking out the right lane. you can see new jersey dot out here police out here as well. when we last looked at this shot nobody was getting by. at least now some traffic is getting by on the left side of the road. check out the travel times, 50 minutes should be about 10 minutes so about five times what it should be on the
4:44 pm
southbound side of 295. the jams spills back to mount laurel now and route 73 so you really want to think alternates to the southbound side of 295. the obvious one is the and southbound new jersey turnpike. if you can spare the couple bucks, go for that or maybe use kings highway locally. probably don't want to use 130. couple of issues on 130 in pennsauken there's a northbound crash at 38 that's jamming us in both directions. and in bridgeboro it's downed wires blocking a lane on the southbound side at bridgeboro street. crossing the river i told you about this with the waze app its a crash along 26th street. southbound side right here at penrose, the platt bridge would be right over here and the crash is taking out a lane so it's jammed solid coming off the schuylkill on the southbound side of 26. on the westbound schuylkill there was a crash by the boulevard. that's gone but still slow coming out of town. and there's one in king of prussia eastbound side by gulph mills off to the side but still extra heavy there as you head in toward the blue route. and in newark, delaware, we're watching an overturned vehicle
4:45 pm
accident this afternoon. it's closing ott's chapel road near we shall tract road. stay on 896 college avenue or use 72 as well. otherwise in the first state things don't look too bad so far at least on this monday afternoon. we'll check it again, brian and shar row, though, in the 5 o'clock hour. >> thank you, matt. as we step outside on this monday giving you the live view at center city. an bit of brightness. >> what does that look like? the sun is peeking through. more of that to come. adam has got the seven-day forecast coming up. >> ♪ new olay whips
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powerful skincare, now light-as-air a breakthrough moisturizer delightfully whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash
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new olay whips ageless >> ♪ >> well, take a look. the "action news" family has officially grown by one today. allow us to introduce you to william alexander morris the new son of our vice presidentof. john morris and his wife beth
4:48 pm
two of the greatest people i've ever met. the couple's first child arrived saturday night weighing just more than 7 pounds. dad says william alexander was named after their mother's father. both mom and baby are happy healthy and amazing. by the way we just could not be happier for these great people. what a wonderful family. >> great addition, great pics. john, beth, congratulations, william alexander looking good. >> so that sunshine -- >> that's all we needed. >> it's going to be sunshine outdoors, so we're going to get it back here as we get into tomorrow and especially in the middle of the week. as we take a look at the action cam which was out, a few folks kind of capturing a lite peek of sun or two here. taking a stroll. you didn't need the umbrellas today and you know what, you're going to need the sunglasses tomorrow as the accessory. as we look at sky6 live in the weather center we're continuing to break those clouds apart. g in the sky in the distance here so improvement moving our way. right now that air temperature
4:49 pm
not bad at 51 degrees. and a big split in the air temperature and the dewpoint. the dewpoint at 26. most of the weekend the air temperature and the dewpoint were very close to one another and that's when you get a hundred percent relative humidity and you get socked in the clouds and the rain but we're spreading those numbers apart now. wind west at 8 miles per hour and the pressure just over 30-inches. as we look at other numbers everyone basically in the 50's, a couple 40's along the shore but overall not too bad despite the lack of sun on this monday. but we are changing that. satellite and radar showing right on the brink of the lehigh valley you can see the edge of the clouds slowly sinking in from the north to the south and we'll continues continues -- continue to see that trend overnight. at least there's no rain in cloud cover. not too chilly overnight 29 in the suburbs, 34 degrees for center city, that northwest wind veryt between five and 10 miles an hour. high pressure comes right on in here and this is a good thing. we want that high pressure
4:50 pm
'cause it means sustenancall sud temperatures close to 10 degrees above average. we'll be sitting at 56 degrees. now, late in the week there is another change coming. we basically have a greenland block in the north atlantic. nao. it's a traffic jam in the atmosphere. east that of high you got all that cold arctic air that has plummeted into portions of europe. we saw that snow in italy and west of that high we're also going to be in a trough here and that storm gets cut off from a jet stream, nothing can move here so it develops a coastal storm through the midatlantic and also for new england so for what it means specifically for us here thursday afternoon into the day on friday is one to 2 inches of rain. again, this looks too warm to be anything of a significant snowstorm for us. winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. there will be coastal flooding and erosion minor at this point because of an
4:51 pm
astronomical higher than normal coastal storm. on friday morning there could be a little snow lehigh valley up to the poconos but again this is a mainly rain event with that coastal storm at the end of the week. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, wall to wall sun, 56 for tomorrow. still sunny but increasing high clouds pretty quickly on wednesday, 58. rain arrives in the afternoon on thursday, turns heavy and steady thursday night into the day on friday. temperatures hitting from 54 and then flipping to 45 here with that rain and wind on friday and then brisk, chilly with returning sun on saturday, 46 degrees. hey, look at this. no precipitation this coming weekend. at least not yet. 45. >> i'm clapping too early. >> bright but cool on monday, 47 degrees. i don't want to say that because we've had five weekends in a row with some precipitation but at this point the storms should move out in time. >> we need a reason to hope and you've just given us that. >> on this monday. >> adam thanks. >> coming up tips and tricks
4:52 pm
to clean your home with items you likely already have. that's coming up in what's the deal. >> ♪ don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities, including a premier medical school, and created a single university that defies convention. at jefferson, we're making modern look old and making old look new and making sure new is not enough. we're adding more weight to your degrees and more meaning to your careers, going where others wouldn't dare, making connections few think to make and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's. because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to converge. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be.
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>> time now for what's the deal and we're helping you clean up around the house in way that saves both money, that kind of green, and is green, kind to mother earth. also you probably already have hang argue round. first here is one you might want to share with your mom a hack to clean your ceiling fan that some are hailing as genius. our friends at diply say place pillowcases over the blades of the ceiling fan and then simply pull the pillowcases toward you, boom, you clean them off without getting dust all over the place. you know you've been there with that. i have. now, to your shower head. that's a tough one diply says. fill a plastic bag with white vinegar cover the shower head overnight and then in the
4:55 pm
morning when you pull it off it pulls everything off with it. white vinegar used very frequent in green cleaning said to be a natural sterilizer and deodorizer. if you want to make your headlights on your car bright and shiny clean them with toothpaste. some people heard of this here. that's a cool one. i'm giving it a go. lemon is another natural wonder good for so many cleaning uses from cutting boards like in this case you slice the lemon sprinkle some salt on it and then just give it a scrub there. it gets rid of germs and stains. also, if you have rusty cutlery use warm water lemon juice soak for 10 minutes then wipe off and you should have shin knee silverware once again. if you're garbage disposal to use a refresh diply says simply make ice cubes out of white vinegar turn on the garbage disposal send them down let them grind up and then flush with cold water. that's a really cool one and guys, i'm doing this one tonight. how about the toys? a way to
4:56 pm
degerm. skip the chemicals and simply pop them in the dishwasher. there you go spider-man. definitely nice and clean. >> new ideas today. i like it all right, alicia. to the inspiring story behind a favorite snack food that is now getting the big screen treatment. a movie based on the creation of flaming hot cheetos is coming to a theater near you. the film is focused on richard montanez the former frito lay janitor who discovered the secret formula when an assembly o broke down. he took a batch of bear cheetos that never received their classic cheesy dust and decided to spice them to up using a traditional mexican recipe. after pitching his idea to photo lay's president flaming hot cheetos took off and so did montanez's career. his real life rags to ridges tale is being draftd into a screenplay. i had no idea this is how
4:57 pm
flaming hot cheetos came to be. >> there you go. >> paul harvey used to say that's the rest of the story. >> i do wonder if he got royal tease from the share of every one of them. >> let's hope. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> rick and monica coming up next with "action news" at 5:00. >> see you tonight. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news. an off duty philadelphia police officer has been found dead inside of a home in port richmond. >> she was not alone. authorities also found a man not a police officer dead in that home as well. "action news" reporter annie mccormick just arrived on the scene in the 2900 block of mercer street. annie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: monica and rick, for most of the afternoon there's been a heavy police presence out here since those discoveries were made. again, two people including an
5:00 pm
off duty philadelphia police officer were found dead in a home. you can see detectives officers and the crime scene unit still remain out here. now, police did confirm two people were found dead after noon today. the off duty female officer and also a male acquaintance. now, as police processed the scene here in the 2900 block of mercer friends and family members are watching outside. now, friends tell us the man found inside the home was a long time acquaintance of the officer's. friends say that the officer did not show up to work today and it was officers from her district who came and made the discoveries. now, back out here live like we say you can still see that there's a heavy police presence out here. we're seeing detectives from east detectives, also from the homicide unit and also the crime scene unit as well but at this point police have not said whether or not these deaths are suspicious. we're still waiting to find out more details about exactly what happened. for now reporting live


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